Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm very happy with my tri-blend American Apparel cardigan! It's so comfortable and I really like the fit. I got a M/L since it's unisex... I didn't want it to be too fitted.

my dog cracks me up. He always wants to be in the shot!
(shoes Aldo, cardigan American Apparel, tshirt American Apparel, necklace DIY/thrifted, shorts levis/DIY)

I had to alter this tshirt because it was too big. Same goes for the vneck tshirt I got (pictured above, sorta). I'm generally a Large and I ordered them as Mediums since they're unisex.. but they don't quite fit right. A small would have been too small though, I think.  I have a 39.5" chest- big boobies! They cause problems sometimes but it's okay.  haha.   I have DIY plans for the vneck shirt so I'll post about it later.
I'm a liberal Marine Corps wife...  aka a minority :P


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