Monday, April 26, 2010


I haven't posted in over two weeks! Yikes! I feel bad.

The weather has been okay but I'm eager for it to be 75+!  I finally found a bikini top that fits (Victoria's Secret although two others I got from there didn't fit so I returned them). I have one more coming in the mail this week so I hope it fits too!

My husband gets back from Afghan quite soon. I'm starting to get anxious! I want him here noooow! haha Actually, I have a lot to get done before he gets back so today I am making a big to do list. Hopefully that'll keep my mind preoccupied.

(jeans Old Navy, top, headband DIY, shoes Aldo, belt Ebay)

This was back on, like, April 14? The boyfriend jeans are so comfortable although I don't like how they photographed here. They are baggier than they appear here! 


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