Sunday, November 28, 2010


Day 14

I wore this to do some shopping with my sister's boyfriend. See, my sister lives in Canada with my parents but came to visit me back in August. She met and fell for my husband and I's friend, who is also a Marine. Now they're dating! She came to visit again earlier this month.  Pretty cute, really.  It's kinda cool to have her date someone I'm friends with, despite how away she lives from me.  Anyway, I was going to help him shop for her Christmas presents but we couldn't find the mall.  Uhhh...

This outfit is really simple but I really like it. I've had the jacket for years but it kinda works with the current military trend.

 (jacket + pants Walmart, top Victoria's Secret, shoes, necklace DIY)

I tried to order some things online from Victoria's Secret on Thanksgiving... about $60 with one item being free, free shipping + at least a $10 off coupon BUT it didn't go through, for some reason. Now, I could call the company in charge of the Angels cards but... I wasn't supposed to be shopping anyway as part of the 30 for 30 Challenge so you know what? I'm going to take this as a sign, haha.  It's just stuff anyway. Life goes on. :)

ps. I'm in dire need of a haircut/trim but I do like my hair lately.


  1. You look so pretty! I love your hair. And your jacket is awesome.

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