Sunday, December 5, 2010


Day 21

I wore this yesterday. I've realized this is a look I really gravitate towards.  Cardigan + skirt or pants + skinny belt.  I'm okay with that, I guess.  Sometimes I try to push further outside the box though. Anyway, last night my husband and I drank cheap beer (normally we are dark beer fans like Sam Adams but we were being cheap!) at pizza and chips, watched Ip Man and the Ultimate Fighter finale. Pretty good night. I like having a junk food/lazy night once a week.  I work out 5x a week so it's only fair right?

there's that book I recommended here. doesn't really belong near pizza, haha.
Digiorno is our go-to frozen pizza. 
light beer. ew. 
(cardigan Old Navy, scarf Le Chateau, belt Charlotte Russe, shoes, top Victoria's Secret)

We're going to get our Christmas tree today!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm a 5 year old when it comes to Christmas. :)

Okay, off to finish making banana pancakes.


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