Friday, January 14, 2011


I added a wishlist to the side panel.  I'm trying to be a more concise shopper this year.  I don't shop a ton or spend a lot but I tend to shop sales and pass up what I really want.  So hopefully seeing the wishlist there will help me to look for those items first and then shop sales second.

Anyway, these were taken on Wednesday. I wasn't feeling very well but became determined to put real clothes on (not my husbands fuzzy sweats...) and do my makeup.  Somehow my laziness turned into "let's dress like a man!"... but with heels.

I tried out a new makeup look using bright yellow eyeshadow. The lipstick is new and I got it at 75% off!  It's the Outlast All-Day Lip Color and I highly recommend it!! It's like a stain with a balm. It literally stayed on ALL day. I only paid $1.30 so I wish I had bought more.  It was on bases at Camp Pendleton so unless you're military here... sorry :P

 my eyes are closed. hahah oops.

 (jeans Old Navy, shoes Target, shirt Charlotte Russe)


  1. Hey there..I am loving your low key vibe here..totally works. love you shop blog too. wish those shoes were my size...XO Lisa


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