Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm still enjoying Winter weather but I'll admit my shopping list has been moving ahead to Spring 2011 wants/"needs". I always get ahead of myself! Then again, they debut the upcoming season so early on, how can you not?  Thing is, I don't shop a ton so the things on my list for Winter... well, I've only crossed a few things off and now I'm starting to think oh, it's too late to buy that now.  I lust ahead but buy late :/

So here are some Winter type things I still want. I'm thinking about things that will transfer into Spring well!

Topshop cable knit nude sweater and skirt, AA maxi skirt, Threadsense layered dress, sweater and shirt. Riding boots.

and items I'd like for Spring, taking cue from the runway trends.
Urban Outfitters tan oxford shoes and trousers, Topshop sheer blouse and leather shorts, white blazer, Threadsense lace dress and printed blazer, 70's collar dress and printed tunic.

ps. I'm actually loving a lot of the 70's inspired stuff for Spring. That's never really been a decade I lusted over so I'm surprised!


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