Thursday, February 10, 2011


Super Bowl Sunday outfit! Can you tell I went for comfort? haha I attended a party which was fun.  I don't really watch football a lot but Seahawks are my team. My husband and I really enjoy watching it but don't do it much at home.  This year we watched the 4-5 final games the Seahawks played this season with friends/family which was fun!  

I used to watch hockey (Vancouver Canucks) all the time but now the only games my cable company shows are ones that LA are in!  I don't want to pay for sports channels so I just go without.  :(

My husband and I are really into UFC though. We rarely miss a fight! I never thought it could be something I'd enjoy but I love it, haha.  I've learned a lot too!

Okay, enough about sports.

(pants + sweater Old Navy, top Target, shoes Aldo, necklace Forever 21)

 Avon lip gloss stick
Smashbox eyeliner
M.A.C. fluidline 
E.L.F. brown eye shadow
Avon brown cream shadow
Avon liquid foundation
Mary Kay mineral foundation

If you want to know what exact makeup, just ask and I'll go check the label. haha


  1. Your skin looks flawless! And I really love your haircut- I meant to mention that in your recent post where you talked about getting it cut. It always looks so thick and pretty. :)

  2. Hello Soph! New reader here, loved loved your f21 necklace, such a great idea pairing it with the kind of military outfit, cute touch!

  3. You look oh so stunning miss ladayy!


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