Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Sunday, my husband and I took our dog to the closest dog beach. It's off leash until June. It's pretty much dog heaven! Tons of dogs, open space and shallow water.  Our dog, Forrest, doesn't even care about the other dogs there he is just happy to be with us and the water! He especially loves to play fetch.  This was my second time bringing him there but first for my husband. We had SO much fun.  At one point, we decided to wade through some deeper water to get to another part of the beach. There's a fairly strong current so had to help our dog along as he swam, hehe.  He was very trusting of us.  He doesn't swim very often, he prefers water he can run in, but considering he is a Lab/Border Collie cross he's obviously not afraid of it either!


  1. Aw, looks like he had fun! And It also looks like there weren't half as many people as last time!


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