Sunday, March 27, 2011


We spent most of the day shopping. I finally went to this other mall near me and oh man... HUGE Forever 21. The biggest one I've been in. Plus, an H&M!! The mall I'd been going to before doesn't have one.  I only bought a maxi dress and coral shorts from Forever 21, so I was pretty good.  Oh I bought two mini bottles of nail polish from some store too. The brand is Bonita Nail Enamel and I love them!

Then we went back to my place, put on some festive clothes (plus green eye liner) and headed out to a bar. The Irish bar we wanted to go to was full and had a long line + $10 cover so we just went to a different one. It was lame but we were with fun friends. Eventually we went to a friends house for some beer pong. The night went a little sour eventually and I think has lead to me needing to distance myself from a different friend but overall, pretty good time.

Jello- shots! My Long Island Iced Tea was dyed green.

Our outfits. My skirt didn't really "match" but I didn't care. My shirt says "just another reason to drink" because I'm not Irish.

Courtney says I look famous here haha like it's a paparazzi shot

our group minus one husband (not mine; he stayed home)

strong drinks!

the English Bulldog puppy we played with at a pet store in the mall. I always play with the puppies, poor guys in their cages! I think it should be illegal to sell puppies in pet stores... no yard!

being silly

"smile with your eyes"... years of America's Next Top Model didn't pay off hahah


  1. i know the girl in the glasses with the short blonde hair! haha. random. i hung out with her twice.

    looks like u had fun!

  2. Looks like a fun night besides turning sour towards the end! I love your shirt! Long Island Ice Teas are one of my favorites because they taste good and I only need a few of them before I have to stop drinking!


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