Saturday, April 23, 2011


This past week
  • Got my first bottle of China Glaze for only $3.50
  • Finally bought Essie Matte About You (only paid $5)
  • Bought 6!!! Zoya nail polishes at only $4 each
  • Realized I should slow down with the nail polish ;)
  • Hosted a "Nail Day" party with 5 girl friends on Wednesday
  • Spent all day Friday on base surrounded by Marines, watching them compete in competitions like "humvee pull" and then drank bad beer and ate beef (I gave it up for Lent but I'm not religious so I figured "hey, close enough to Easter" even though I know Black Friday is the day you aren't supposed to have meat haha) for the ordnance birthday party.
  • received packages in the mail
  • enjoyed sunshine and rain
  • I checked the balance on my Victoria's Secret Rewards card and it's worth $50!!
  • Mexican food + beer on tap tonight with husband and friends.

I wore this last week to my husband's graduation from MAIC (Martial Arts Instructor Course) on base. I quite liked it. I love this top! I scored the sunglasses for only $3 and they're Kenneth Cole.

 (skirt Victoria's Secret, shoes H&M, belt Charlotte Russe, top + sunglasses Burlington Coat Factory)

made a Franken and painted my index finger. It needs some polish thinner as it's pretty thick right now but I love the colour. I had been wanting a pastel purple.


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