Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In this manicure I started off by swatching Zoya's Tiffany from the Flame collection. It definitely reminds me of a shiny penny! It's a very coppery colour with flakes of gold and a TON of shine. The application is beautiful. I find that a lot with Zoya polishes! You could get away with one coat but this is two. It goes on a thin but opaque layer that dries quickly. 

I wanted to try out some similar Zoya's with it. First, I did my tips with Edyta which is not from the same line but has a very similar finish. It is black with a green/blue shimmer, gold flakes and lots of shine!  I wear black polish a lot in the colder months so I thought this would  be a great option to have.


After a while, it started to bother me that my nails looked "black and orange" which isn't exactly Spring appropriate. haha So, next, I added a "strip" of Zoya Crystal! It is also from the Flame Collection and definitely a new favourite of mine. It is dark blue with those same gold flakes and lots of shine.  Very different from a glitter or holo polish!

Overall, I LOVE this manicure! I will definitely try it again in different colours. It works best with polishes that are opaque after one coat, so that the finished product is smooth on top.

I also love these polishes. They all have the same great application. I think they'd work very well for stamping! They are VERY VERY chip/dent proof because they go on in such a thin layer. It's hard to explain but kind of amazing.


  1. Pretty!! I have to do my nails before I leave town this weekend!

  2. amazing! I love your blog it is so helpful!



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