Friday, October 5, 2012


 I didn't have much of an appetite while sick this weekend. Dang flu! I ate a lot of Granny Smith apples haha Not sure sure why but that's what I wanted! So these pictures are mostly from before Thursday.

grocery shopping
 dinner husband picked out
my first batch of homemade kombucha!!
 cauliflower crust pizza. tasty but the crust did not hold. :( it stayed soft.
 pb toast + almond milk
 ordered some gluten free flour/oats and xantham gum from Vita Cost
 gluten free vegan banana bread. I put half in the freezer!
 added strawberry puree to some kombucha and let it sit for two days. yum!
 another Greek wrap
 and another smoothie!
 fresh juice
 coconut milk + curry + veggies
husband ordered take in Thai food on Friday. I've been eating a bit each day since (not much of an appetite) of the yellow curry he got me


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