Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Bare Legs

Two outfits I wore when the weather was slightly cooler but still sunny. Well, it's usually sunny here but hey. Basically, lately, we'll have a few days of hot sunny 85F weather and then a few days of cooler cloudy 65F days.  Not bad, I guess.  I prefer the cooler days now. I mean, it's November!

Also, I finally got an iPhone today! No, not the 5. I just got the 4 haha It was free since I had an upgrade with Verizon. My old phone wasn't a smartphone or at all fancy. Plus it was literally falling apart. So I finally bit the bullet. My husband got one too (his dad gave him his old one). So, you know, we're like a real part of society now. Psh. 

 (boots + leggings + belt + toque Target, top Charlotte Russe)

 (dress H&M, tights + snood Target, shoes


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