Sunday, January 27, 2013

AB Hair: Hair Chalk Review

I'm skipping my "last weeks manicures" post today because I only have pictures of one. So you'll see that next week. Instead, I have a review!

I was contacted by Ab Hair (notice the ad on the right...20% off!) about possibly doing a review. When I saw they carried hair chalk in a fun assortment of colours, I jumped at the chance to try one out. The product was sent to me in return for a review but I assure you my opinions will be completely honest.

First, I need to say that this product is not vegan. I occasionally don't think to check if something is. Generally, it's because I've just assumed that it is vegan. There wasn't an ingredients list for this product online so it didn't occur to me until I received it and saw that the first ingredient is "urea". I know not everyone cares if a product is vegan or not but as a vegan myself I definitely wanted to throw that information out there! Okay, moving on.

The product (found here) is Hair Color Chalk. I got the shade "Hot Pink". You rub it onto your hair for a pop of temporary bright colour and it washes right out.

(note: pic taken after I'd used it once)

The product didn't come with directions so I turned to the tutorial video on their website (here). I followed that to apply the streak below.

You then spray it with hairspray to stop the colour from rubbing off. You can also brush it to give it a softer look.  I found that brushing it removed a lot of the colour though.

 I did not use gloves and as you can see it really stained my hands. Even after scrubbing them with an exfoliating scrub they were still pink. So, I say, wear gloves! I am very impressed with how well this pink shows up on my red hair!

Next I decided to try an ombre look. I loved the result of this so much! But, unfortunately, even with the hair spray it still stained my neck. It also rubbed off on the shirt I was wearing. Even after a spin in the washing machine, my bra straps are still slightly pink so I'm going to contact the company because the product says it does not stain!  So, I'd say this hair chalk is best suited to being worn away from skin/clothing. It definitely does not stay put and will transfer to anything it comes into contact with.

here it is brushed:

 Overall, I think it's a fun product. It is very pigmented so you don't need blond hair to see results.  Biggest downside is that it stains. You definitely don't want it touching your clothes. So it is best suited to updos, streaks away from the neck/face etc.  I think having a few different colours and creating a multi coloured braid would look great!

 What do you think? Do you want to give hair chalk a try?


  1. I've heard about chalking your hair and always liked the look! have never tried it and I'm glad I read your review because I'd never think about the chalk staining my neck or shirt. Love the look and I'd probably stick to the streaks (although I love the ombre look).

  2. Thanks for the review! Ugh that is so annoying about the staining! I'd like to give these a go to see how pigmented it is in my hair, because I don't think much would be able to show up in it!

  3. hmm I 've seen this product and I am not sure if I should go for it or now !!!! I think maybe a dye is best to stick with it- seems less messy !
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