Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Purchases

Changing up my shopping posts for 2013. I have given myself a budget of $100 a month for clothes/shoes/accessories/makeup. If I go over, it comes out of the next months budget. If I am under budget, I'll have more to spend the next month. I noticed last year I generally spent between $100-$200 so I wanted to keep it at the lower end. I just know I don't need so many new things so this helps me put more thought into what I buy and to get more wear out of what I already have. So here is what I've bought this month!
January Shopping:
  1. Target bag $9 clearance (sold out)
  2. Target beanie $6 clearance (sold out)
  3. Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Coated Denim in black $8
  4.  Target Stone Collar Short Necklace in orange $14 on clearance (on clearance in stores only)
  5. VS High Rise Leggings Jeans $30 on sale (no longer on sale or available in "dusty grey")
  6. H&M blazer $20 on clearance (similar) not pictured
= $87

I know, I scored with sales and clearance items this month! I mean, that is how I tend to shop but some of those deals were pretty crazy (awesome). I plan on splurging some months and buying fewer items but I couldn't resist some of those Target deals!


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