Monday, February 11, 2013


  • Finally got my bangs trimmed. I can see again!
  • Came home from Santa Cruz to hail! It's been strangely cold here lately.
  • Ordered foundation samples from The All Natural Face and am loving them!! I bought a Groupon so I'll be placing an order soon.
  • Enjoying a beer and some sun in Santa Cruz.
  • I  baked cupcakes for a friend's birthday on Friday. Recipe to come!
  • Bowling party!
  • My winking cat haha
  • Tried on some Prabal Gurung for Target items today. The dress looks cute here but in person I felt the cut was off. It's hard to pull of drop waist with an hourglass figure, I think.
  • New earrings from Target. I'm loving bigger drop earrings lately.
  • Vegan vodka gummy bears!
  • I bought this top. The fit is a bit big so I may take it to a tailor but I'm crazy for the print and those mesh cutouts! The skirt was nice and if I spot it on sale later I'll get it, but I was being picky today. I also ordered these wedges. I tried the red ones in store and loved them!


  1. Those cupcakes are so adorable!!! I love rainbow cupcakes, I've been meaning to make them for a long time :) Maybe I'll make them for my niece. I like the bowling shoes pic and haha yay for vodka gummies! I tried them once before (pre vegan days) and it was a little too intense for me ;)


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