Friday, March 15, 2013


From last weekend to this mornning...

Sweet sticky mango rice from a Thai restaurant. I'd never had it before. Omg, heaven!

Some whole wheat pancakes with homemade blueberry soy yogurt.

Sprouts BOGO sale!

Looks like the green curry I get at Thai One On but someone actually made this (vegan for me!) at a potluck I went to. It was sooo good! I have to get the recipe.

I brought two vegan desserts to the potluck, one being these homemade Nanaimo bars (even made my own graham crackers!). Omg. I'd forgotten just how good these are!

Lots of orange based juice this week.

I tried Wildwood burgers for the first time. Yum! My husband said they are his new favourite.

These mocha chip "larabars" are SO GOOD. It's like a chocolate bar. Mmm.

Love super thick green smoothies on hot days. This was bomb; recipe on my Instagram.

This tasty salad, some "battered" tofu (used seaweed for fishy flavour) adnd roasted rosemary potatoes.

Fruit salad topped with coconut whip!

This soup. Tasty but it didn't thicken up. I also added some tofu instead of faux chicken.

Juice using blood orange! So tasty.

Last night's dinner. This pasta but with miracle noodles and fries with cilantro and balsamic vinegar.

Breakfast this morning. Zucchini waffles with mango.


  1. Wow Sophie! Great looking meals!! I'm so jealous of all of your mango!! I'm craving it so much now! The mediterranean plate looks great too and those citrus based juices, yum!!


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