Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fashion


Spring is officially here, people! I know some of you are still dealing with snow but hey, all the more time to work on that Spring wardrobe and faux tan (I'm using this and it's AMAZING) right?

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  1. Utility jacket or vest.
  2. Denim jacket or vest.
  3. A casual maxi dress (tshirt or tank).
  4. Wedge sandals.
  5. Shorts: printed, torn and girly.
  6. Denim: printed, ripped and pastel (or white).
  7. Tote bag and a satchel in a light or bright shade.
  8. Bold jewelry in Summery colours like coral or turquoise.
  9. Blouses!
  10. A-line skirts.
  11. Baseball tees.
  12. Baseball cap and straw fedora.
  13. Flirty dresses with a high necklace, short hem and defined waist.
  14. Sneakers.
  15. Sweaters: a fun pullover, a go with everything cardigan and Aztec print.

This is my "must have" list for Spring this year. I already have a good majority of the options while some others I am still on the hunt for. What items are on your list?


  1. this spring i want to wear lots of sundresses and straw hats :)


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