Friday, March 22, 2013

We Eat

Some green food I enjoyed on St Patrick's Day. Recipes here!

I attempted to make hamburger buns. Buggers didn't turn out! This recipe. Still a tasty meal with Wildwood burgers, avocado, tomato and some sauteed mushrooms.

haha This was last Saturday when my husband and I were on our way to a friend's house to watch the UFC fights. We supplied the pizza. I decided to "fit in" with the crowd and get a frozen pizza too. I thought it was kind of funny. The wife at the house we went to said "bless your heart" when I told her which really made me laugh!

I was excited to make these lentil wraps because I love the Trader Joes ones so much. They were yummy! A lot of work for a wrap and I made wayyy too much of the lentil mixture but still. Oh and the dipping sauce did not work out. Also, I did not have lavish bread so they kinda fell apart haha But they were tasty!

Yummmmmm! Obviously we shopped at Trader Joes for a change last weekend, haha.

We went to Native Foods Cafe last weekend and I got the St Patrick's Day special and it was SO GOOD. I think this is my favourite restaurant...  If only they normally offered this sandwich!  It had pink vegan horseradish sauce, people.  (pretty sure I've never even had regular horseradish sauce though haha) 

These are super tasty. TJ's has the best snacks.

Picked up some orange chickenless at TJ (Trader Joes, if you didn't catch that) and made a stir fry.

Made some banana muffins but they did not turn out. SUPER dry. I deleted the recipe and can't remember where I found it now.

This, despite how it looks, was very tasty shepherd's pie. 

My favourite thing on a warm day is a super thick green smoothie. I've making sure I always have frozen fruit in the freezer so I can whip one up! I think this was almond milk, frozen peaches, frozen banana, flaxmeal and spinach.

We don't normally eat out during the week but we had to run some errands on Wednesday night so we ended up eating at BJ's. The deep dish pizza crust is just to die for. The Hopstorm IPA? Not so much. I LOVE IPA's but I couldn't even drink it. Thankfully, they are super sweet at BJ's (we've never had bad service) and replaced it. So I got the Kona Brewery Koko Brown beer which is amazing. It tastes like caramel. And yes, it's vegan.

I made Cheeze-Its! I actually never liked the real thing but these are delicious! I accidentally added a full tsp of liquid smoke instead of 1/4 hahah but they are still great. Only bummer is they lost their crispiness after a day. I think I could have rolled them flatter though and that would  probably help.

Obviously I'm a big fan of curry. I love love this recipe for curry sauce and the tofu was fantastic as well.  New favourite for sure. And yes, that is Jasmine rice. I normally stick to brown but a friend gave it to me so... 


  1. Great looking meals! Aren't salt and vinegar kale chips delicious?! Love them. So funny about the pizzas! How did you like the fights? I am SO BUMMED I didn't get to see them. The homemade cheeze its sound so good! I'm definitely going to have to check out that recipe.

    1. There were some good fights! I was happy to see GSP win, of course. hehe


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