Monday, April 1, 2013

Highs and Lows

This past week sure has been interesting! It started out horribly but ended on a good note.

  • Our sad pup leaving the dog beach. haha He LOVES that place. Sand, water, fetch and, of course, my husband and I make him very happy!
  • We picked up Native Foods Cafe on our way home from the dog beach to eat while watching The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones! It was a pretty perfect day. I tried the portobella sausage burger and it was heaven. 
  • I'm a bit of a compulsive list maker! My husband left today for a few weeks (military training stuff) and what's the first thing I do? Make a to do list.
  • I spent an afternoon hanging out on base, watching movies, while waiting for my husband. It cracks me up that they have condoms in the bathrooms like this.
  • I spotted this new "gift giving" aisle at Target. It's full of cute stuff!
  • I'm starting a juice cleanse tomorrow so my fridge is looking particularly fresh!
  • Enjoyed a little hike with Forrest (our dog). Love that little booger.
  • Finally bought myself this Target hat I've been wanting! My husband was like "who are you", saying I looked so different with it on. haha I literally wore it all day; super comfortable.
  • Starbucks, that is not how my name is spelled! That's not bad but what is, is the fact that my drink was not what they said it was. I ordered a soy green tea latte... no clue what this was! So I didn't drink it in case it had milk in it.
  • Poor car. We still haven't gotten word about any settlement! Hopefully we will hear soon.


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