Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Shopping

I decided not to include beauty products here, just clothes, shoes and accessories. I don't buy beauty products too often and it was sometimes hard for me to determine what was a necessity and what wasn't. So the numbers are a bit different!

That said, I over shopped. haha I have a $10 coupon to use at Old Navy this week an a Target order arriving tomorrow but that's it for April. I'm going to challenge myself to "shop my closet". Basically, come up with new outfits from things I already own. I know if I make it a fun challenge I am more likely to stick to it! So I'll be putting some looks together and taking pictures to get inspired. :)
5. 6.

March Spending:

$39 leftover from February
  1. - Target Mossimo Supply Co Layne flats $10 on clearance in store (in teal not taupe)
  2. Target Merona Melinda Wedge shoes $14 on clearance
  3. Old Navy sandals $19 after $5 off coupon 
  4. - Old Navy earrings $7
  5. - Old Navy jacket $25 after coupon
  6. - Old Navy baseball tee $6 on sale/after coupon

    = $86
$47 over budget

I love this months purchases. I definitely got some new favourites that I know will be worn a ton!


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