Sunday, May 12, 2013


Ashley from Follow the Yellow Polish Road sent me some Jamberry samples to try out (after I made sure they were vegan). I'd heard a lot about these and was excited to try them! I've never had much luck with nail wraps/shields like the Sally Hansen ones but these are different. These are more like a sticker that you warm (I used a hair dryer) and press to your nail. They were easy to apply! I did get some bubbling though so next time I will be more careful to make sure they are really pressed down. I wore them for a few days and they wore well. The chevron one had more bubbles so it started to lift at the edges a bit but it would have stayed put if I'd chosen to wear them for longer. Overall, I really like these. I do think $15 is pretty pricey but compared to similar products, I prefer these.  I am able to get two nails from each sticker so one pack would give me two full manicures. They have sooo many cute designs!

I did a simple gradient earlier this week using Julep "Nikki" (which is my mom's name. Happy Mother's Day!) and Julep "Teri" (vegan).

You can't go wrong with stripes and floral print! For the base I used Julep "Hayden" (vegan).


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