Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pixie Cut

I did it!! I chopped it all off! After obsessing over pixie cuts for a while (evidenced by my Pinterest page), I decided to just go for it. 

I brought in this collage I made:

I go to Julia at Jaime Nicole Salon & Spa in Vista, CA. Mention my name for half off your first cut!

I'm loving it! It was less shocking than I actually thought it would be. I feel very comfortable with it. Sometimes I see a glimpse of myself in a mirror and am thrown off for a second, like, who is that? haha My husband is away until late next week, with no contact, so he won't even see it until then! I'm so curious to hear what he thinks! He knew I was getting it cut this short and definitely had his doubts.

Don't mind the indent in the back. That's just from a headband I wore!

More pictures of my hair! She used a mix of gel and pomade yesterday and then a spray wax/texturizer as well (all by Eufora). I didn't purchase any of them because I'm still not sure if they are vegan but they sure are great! I woke up this morning and my hair still felt (as in not greasy) and looked great! Didn't need to wash it or turn to dry shampoo.  I'm thinking of picking up this Giovanni wax. I'd like a spray one though too. Maybe a sea salt spray would work well? The Not Your Mother's Hair one looks good. Recommendations?


this morning just before yoga class and in Target

Also, I recently ordered these shoes from Target and I love them! I was looking for black sandals that weren't super casual. I love the block heel and stud like detailing. Thankfully, they are super comfortable! I promised myself no matter how cute they were I'd return them if they gave me blisters (like so many Target brand shoes do) so I'm quite glad I get to keep them!


  1. Your hair looks great!! You are rocking that pixie cut! I also love the shoes, very cute!


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