Friday, June 14, 2013

Vitamix Love

As you will see, I finally bought a Vitamix!! I've been wanting one for a couple years now but they are pretty expensive so I was having a hard time taking the plunge. I went with the cheapest refurbished one from plus the longer 8 year warranty. I ended up with the Culinary Arts Institute Professional Series. It is definitely living up to all of the hype so far!! 

I finally joined a CSA! I've been wanting to for some time but since I don't drive it wasn't possible to pick it up each week. Then I discovered one (Abundant Harvest Organics) that delivers too! So now I get a box (small pictured but they also have a large one plus you can add on a TON of things) every Wednesday! It's grown organically on local farms, can't beat that!  I am very impressed with the quality too. Check and see if you have a CSA in your area!

Meal prep:
Just a little bit of meal prep since I didn't really grocery shop on the weekend. One of my favourite "larabar" recipes, hummus and tomato sauce (I added spinach so it's kinda brown). I finally bought a Vitamix so I used it to make all of this!! 

Homemade granola (Forks and Knives cookbook) with fresh white peach and banana.
Oatmeal with peaches and blueberries
Tofu scramble with bacon tempeh and a crescent roll


Leftover green curry with tofu from Thai One On (Vista, CA)
Amazing smoothie! Frozen blueberries, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk....
Easy frappucino with banana
More smoothies. I have one every day post workout.
Blueberry chocolate protein smoothie and the Vitamix!! I love it SO much.

A very delicious sandwich with leftover grilled veggies and some Trader Joes "beef-les" which is pretty plain tasting but it was great like this. It'd be tasty with BBQ sauce too!
Quinoa nachos. I  made this sauce and loved it!! I might try it without the oil next time though, just add more water. If you like nutritional yeast sauces, give this one a try. I also made this green bean salad but with walnuts not almonds and it's a new favourite!
Gluten free pasta (Target now carries some, fyi) with the new Boca "chiken" patty, tomato sauce and more of the grilled veggies.
Grilled veggies! I marinated the kabobs in a mustard sauce.

Strawberry sorbet soft serve style and frozen. It's basically just frozen fruit and almond milk in the Vitamix. Soft serve is served right away or you can freeze it for an hour or so for a more frozen texture.
Another sorbet I made.  It's just so easy in the Vitamix!
Maple frosted donuts for national donut day hehe 


  1. Yay congrats on the vitamix! I'm so jealous, I've wanted one for so long. I only have to wait a few months though since I'm planning on asking for one for my bday ;) Great looking meals and smoothies galore! Looks like you are making good use of it :)


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