Friday, July 19, 2013

Carb Overload

This was another week without my husband being home. I ate a lot of pizza and burgers...but they were pretty healthy! Still, I feel like I need to cut back on the bread type carbs. 

Oh, also, I blogged some of my favourite online recipes here. Check it out!

CSA delivery this week. I added on the oats, potatoes and onions. There are nectarines, watermelon, lettuce, herbs, corn, green beans, turnips, tomatoes, garlic...

I bought some Vans gluten free waffles this week so I had those a few times. Here they are with banana and nectarines.
And my favourite with peanut butter, banana and chia seeds
Of course I also had oatmeal. This is made with goji berries and topped with some peanut butter and this chocolate butter stuff.

Fruit is my favourite snack. The CSA stone fruit is to die for.  The watermelon was tasty too, just a ton of seeds!
When I got hungry at the mall I opted for a Robeks smoothie. I was impressed by all of their options. You can make any smoothie dairy free for 50cents extra. So I made the "super green" smoothie vegan by leaving out the yogurt and doubling the fruit. It was super yummy, pricey though.
You can never go wrong with almond milk, frozen bananas and unsweetened cocoa powder.

This was from a food truck at a brewery. I asked if their crust was vegan and they said yes so I got the veggie without cheese. They even wrote "vegan" on my box hehe
I made this dough and loved it! It was very easy and turned out great. Here it is topped with Yves pepperoni (freakin' tasty!), zucchini, this "cheese", tomatoes, spinach, tomato sauce and BBQ sauce.
I topped the second pizza with black beans, corn, tomato sauce and avocado. I whipped up a quick macaroni salad.
This was like a McDonalds McChicken but WAY better. I used a Gardein "chicken" (the ones meant for making chicken parm. They are really tasty) and had it with lettuce, avocado, mustard, veganaise, tomato...  
Another night I made eggplant burgers. I used this recipe again but I don't actually fry them.
Leftover eggplant patty and salad
Gardein "orange chicken" with red quinoa, eggplant, bell peppers, onion and squash. Yum. 

I used the oreos I made last week to make this shake. Oh, heaven.


  1. Wow... all of this food looks amazing! I need to explore the heaven on earth that is food trucks!


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