Monday, July 22, 2013

Train Stops, Vacuums & Beer

  • I've spent a fair bit of time at train stations lately. Too bad they aren't the most picturesque.
  • Shopping haul from last week! 
  • Pretty sunset on an evening walk with my dog.
  • Cuddles from my kitty. Every day. 
  • My favourite head scarf to date. I got it at a Goodwill in Port Orchard, WA years ago for about $3.
  • For our date night last Friday (finally saw WWZ!) my husband requested I do a faux hawk haha
  • Beer samples at Iron Fist brewery in Vista, CA.  I love love craft beer. 
  • Enjoying some beer we took home and delicious chocolate.
  • I finally bought a Dyson!!! This is the DC33. So far, I'm in love. It works amazingly! 


  1. I love the haircut! It's so versatile and every style looks great on you! Sooooo jealous of the dyson!


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