Sunday, August 25, 2013

Belated Foodie

This past week has been a little nuts with my husband deploying so I apologize for the missed posts. I literally just wore Julie G "Rock Candy" on my nails all week so no manicure pictures to share! I know I missed Friday Foodie though so I figured I'd get that up today.

The past two weeks of indulging has definitely caught up to me and I'm looking forward to going back to my healthier habits!  Honestly though, my downfall was all of the beer I had. Delicious, craft, local beer... haha

Lettuce, grapes (never had local grapes, yum!!), pear, summer squash, figs, tomoatoes, poblano peppers, onion, zucchini, basil...

Stuffed french toast. Basically peanut butter and banana inbetween two slices of bread, dipped in almond milk and cooked on the stovetop. The recipe is from 1,000 Vegan Recipes.
Cascadian Farms cereal with fruit and cinnamon
Same as above plus homemade granola
Tofu scramble, hashbrowns and grapes.
These waffles topped with fruit and almond based yogurt. I used whole wheat flour and raw sugar. I'll omit the sugar next time or half it though, it didn't need to be so sweet.

This tasty tomato soup and homemade breadsticks.
These are extra good when frozen!
Simple quesadilla. Homemade tortilla, Daiya Pepperjack (my favourite vegan cheese now!) and spinach topped with salsa.
Raw fig newtons. Delicious!
Delicious sandwich with roasted eggplant and zucchini. 
Party food! It was all vegan except the ranch dip. I brought the hummus and these chocolate chip cookies (I used coconut oil) which were a big hit.
My favourite smoothie this week was coconut water, frozen pineapple, frozen banana and with or without an orange.
Open faced sandwich with homemade hummus, CSA tomatoes, CSA lettuce and cucumber.
Native Foods Cafe nachos. Mmm.

Homemade nachos with salsa, pinto beans, guacamole and Daiya Pepperjack
Inspired by this. Brown rice, quinoa, sauteed kale, peanuts, raisins, bell pepper and homemade bbq sauce.
Native Foods Cafe wings. Don't they look real?! They are soy, wheat and pea protein. Delicious.
Native Foods Cafe sandwich they only had for one weekend. It had breaded cauliflower!
Native Foods Cafe macro bowl. A new favourite!  My inlaws gave the husband and I a $100 gift card so yeah, we ate a lot of Native Foods this past week and a half haha
Stir fry using Archer Farms Mango Curry Sauce.
I love that Stone Brewery has so many vegan options. These are the "duck tacos" but with tofu instead of duck. Unfortunately, I found them way too spicy and had to send them back! They gave me new ones (with less sauce) but no sides.  So... it was hardly worth $18!


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