Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Beer, Good Weather and Good Friends

  • I finally got a new military dependent ID after over a year of not having one. I don't have a drivers license so while I didn't have this I was stuck using my passport everywhere. 
  • Being silly at a local brewery with my husband and friends. "I got a fever for the beaver"... because the place is called Belchin' Beaver.
  • Our beers at Belchin' Beaver. I loved Wet Hop Highway.
  • Eating Thai food and enjoying a beer at Indian Joe Brewery
  • New cut is shorter on top.
  • My husband surprised me with this haha He not so secretly would love for me to have a sleeve. Uh, I have one tattoo. 
  • New shirt. You can find it on
  • Husband and I took Forrest to Ocean Beach dog beach. He loooves dog beaches. We hadn't been to this one but it was great! So big. 
  • Chambray and floral. Kind of can't beat that.


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