Friday, September 27, 2013

Carb Cycling

On Monday I started carb cycling. It's sort of hard to do low carb as a vegan and to be honest, I don't think it's the healthiest route either. It's hard to get enough calories without "too many" carbs because most foods that fit into that category are animal products (meat, seafood etc). Still, I wanted to give it a try since it is part of the Live Fit program I've been doing.  I had to change the numbers around a bit to better work for me and I have to plan out everything I eat a day ahead of time to make sure I'm on track which is super annoying but I am seeing results. It's only for two weeks. It isn't meant to be done long term since it is a bit extreme. It really helps get rid of body fat! Anyway, some of this food is from the weekend before so it's not all low carb haha More on it next time!

Pumpkin waffles! It's that time of the year. This was before carb cycling.

Tofu scramble with veggies.

Overnight oats and a protein smoothie
Tofu scramble with eggplant on a homemade tortilla
Amaaazing pumpkin latte topped with coconut whip! I just mix canned pumpkin with some almond milk, ginger, cinnamon, coves and nutmeg and heat it on a stove top. I like a lot of pumpkin! Then I mix that with some hot coffee and top with the coconut whip. For the coconut whip, I leave a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight, open, so that the top part gets really thick. Then I scoop that out, add about 15 drops of liquid stevia and whip it! So good.

I tried this out and quite liked it! Jumbo chickpea pancake.

This was my indulgence before I started carb cycling. haha Homemade pretzels! So good.

Veggie burger and homemade fries.  Again, pre carb cycling!
I'd never eaten at Hard Rock Cafe before but went with some friends and was happy to find that their veggie burger is vegan! It was delicious! This one is topped with red pepper and mushroom! Before carb cycling.
Yummy salad.
Gardein orange "chicken" qith veggies and red quinoa.
This is the Gardein "chicken" scallopini and it's really good! Had it on a salad here. It's actually really low carb.
A very full wrap! Burrito, mushroom, onion, hummus, Gardein "chicken scallopini and lots of broccoli.
Very simple black bean soup. I just tossed some black beans, white beans, veggie broth, bell pepper, onion and spices in the VitaMix and then heat it up on the stove. It's so good!
Sorta of just threw some stuff together for this sauce. Pinto beans, nutritional yeast, tomatoes, white beans... it was good!

Pumpkin soft serve! Just frozen bananas and canned pumpkin.


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