Monday, September 30, 2013

Good-bye September

  • Received a letter from my husband! Upside of deployment. I mean, how often do you get actual letters these days?
  • William Wallace hogging the bed.
  • Movie and beer night for one! How adorable is John Cusack, really.
  • Bought Forrest this stick toy. He loved it... for like 5 seconds. Lame. It said it had real wood in it and would smell like it but it really doesn't. 
  • This smells SO good. I warm it in my Scentsy warmer.
  • Every evening, now that it is cool enough in the evenings, I put on my sweater cape. It's like wearing a blanket and that makes me happy.
  • New flats I bought at Payless Shoe Source. I returned the nude ones because they fit sorta funny but kept (and love) the leopard ones. They are SO comfortable!!
  • Still loves to sleep on me every evening while I watch tv.


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