Friday, October 4, 2013

Body Fat and Stuff

I didn't carb cycle this week, obviously. :P

I ate oatmeal all week haha This one has fresh pair!

Frozen mango, coconut water, spinach
Coconut water, frozen banana and frozen mango
Carrot shake.  Bit of vanilla ice cream, juice of one carrot, almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg!

Vegan quiche with a puff pastry crust! I used all tofu instead of cashews.
Red quinoa with Gardein orange chicken, bell pepper, eggplant, squash etc
Gardein chicken scallopini sandwich with veggies and hummus!
Veggie burger! Same as last week.

Chocolate covered banana bites!
Yeah, that's an Oreo banana split. Judge me. :P
Amazing pumpkin bread!! Seriously, you have to make it.

 Here are some fitness progress pics! I'm almost done Live Fit and I have to say, I LOVED phase 3! I think I will probably repeat it after I return from vacation later this month.

Starting to see my upper abs!

Body fat percentage is starting to go down. I dropped a few pounds this past week.


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