Friday, January 10, 2014

Outfit: Over the Knees

I snagged this green sweater for $8 during a recent Old Navy sale. I got a powder blue crewneck one as well! I'd forgotten how awesome post-Christmas sales are, you guy. Like, at Target, practically all of the clothing is on clearance!

Onto the boots... When my black knee high boots broke while I was in Canada a couple months ago, I decided I'd replace them with some over the knee ones. I fell in love with the 50/50 boot but obviously those are out of my price range and I don't wear leather.  I needed a pair that were at least 21" high because I'm 5'10 and it look awkward if they hit me right across the knees.  Anyway, I somehow ended up with these haha I had a gift card so they only cost me $14. I will say, they are a little big. Like, they fit big in the ankles and sag more than I'd like. Still, I really do like them a lot! 

Oh and these pants? I wore them at work all the time so I just never felt like wearing them any other time which is why they haven't shown up on the blog until now! They are Rockstar from Old Navy which normally don't fit me but these are nice and stretchy. They only reach my ankles though.

 Aeropostale boots, Old Navy sweater & pants
Wet n Wild "Pinkerbell" (vegan) lipstick!


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