Friday, February 21, 2014

Travel: San Francisco

I hadn't planned on going to San Francisco but it just so happened that my sister and her friend had planned a trip at the same time that I was heading home. They invited me along and it worked out very well! I'd been to San Francisco once as a kid and then once in high school but it still felt like a new place. In fact, I hope to visit again soon! I definitely didn't get to see or do everything I wanted (Alcatraz, explore Haight-Ashbury etc). I love that SF has soo may different neighbourhoods to explore!  It's also very eco-friendly!  We lucked out with quite nice weather when we were there too. 

We stayed at Hotel Mark Twain. I got quite a good deal on it so for the price is was great. It is right on the border of Tenderloin and Union Square and the difference between the two is very obvious. Tenderloin is full of homeless people (among other things) so we steered clear most of the time.  I'd stay there again but I wouldn't pay full price.  I did really like staying in Union Square though. Lots of shops, restaurants and the public transportation is close by.  

We took the Bolt Bus (it was only $8!) from Vancouver, BC to Bellingham, WA. The bus stops near this great co op grocery store. It was like a smaller Whole Foods!  We were able to get a delicious nutritious lunch before heading to the little Bellingham airport to fly to San Francisco.
Upon landing we were all starving (it was about 10pm) but many restaurant were closed! We ended up at Ryoko's with is a sushi place. It was a very cute (and authentic; my sister and her friend lived in Japan for a bit) and they had some great veggie rolls.
Being all touristy and stuff.
This was one of my favourite meals (and restaurants) of my trip! Plant Cafe. I ordered the hummus plate (which I took back to the hotel), fresh juice and shared the beet burger with my sister. So good! They offer non veg options as well.
My youngest sister and I.  Dress/cardigan: Suzy Shier (Canada)  Boots: Target
My sister's friend Ky. Great girl!
One night we had quite a bit to drink (at Burrett's. Great bar! I had the BEST cocktail) so we ended up at Lori's Diner which was actually recommended in a travel guide we had haha I got a veggie sandwich minus the cheese and it really was delicious!
We stayed in Union Square, a short walk from Westfield Mall where Loving Hut is. I'd actually never tried Loving Hut before (we do have some here just not THAT close by). Delicious! The eggplant was sooo good. I also got Thai iced tea made with soymilk which was really tasty. This place is completely vegan. 
Veggie sandwich (minus cheese) at Boudin. Of course the bread was delicious! The whole thing tasted so nice and fresh.

Sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf
View of Fisherman's Wharf
Of course it was very foggy when we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge but it did appear for a couple minutes haha
We dressed up on our last night to eat at Millenium (fancy vegan restaurant inside Hotel California) but it was full so instead we took a cab to Madre Gracias, an all vegan Mexican restaurant. Great place! Our food was so delicious (nothing processed) and it had a fun atmosphere with communal seating.


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