Saturday, May 24, 2014

Outfit: Black Tank Top

These pictures are from a week or so ago. The weather was a lot cooler this week. That's kind of a fun part of Spring here though. It can be 90F or it can be 70F so you can really wear a variety of outfits day to day.  

I've been shopping at Old Navy a ton lately. It's hit or miss with things fitting me there but it's so inexpensive and yet I find the quality is better than, say, Forever 21. I like that they always have the basics but stay on trend. I love this tank top with it's higher neckline, it just gives it a bit of a different look. 

1 week until my husband and I go on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks! We're going on a West Coast road trip which we've done many times to visit family but this time we'll make more stops, spend a few days in Portland and get to visit my family in Canada! Normally we just drive to WA to visit my inlaws. So it'll be fun! We're taking our pup so I've been looking up different dog beaches, hiking trails etc so that he has fun too.

Old Navy top, Target shorts


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