Friday, May 16, 2014

Outfit: Shorts Please

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. You may have seen on the news that North County (north part of San Diego County) has been dealing with a crazy amount of fires! One started Monday and then on Tuesday we had a total of 9! Today I believe 3 more started but thankfully they are all at least somewhat contained (not to say they aren't still threatening!) so hopefully the end is in sight. It's all just so very sad and I really hope that it will be over soon. Some were started accidentally but a few people have been arrested for arson. I am very thankful that my area was not affected (I'm in the middle of them all and was only 5 miles away from the Cocos fire when it started) but my heart goes out to everyone else who was or is still dealing with it. I have friends who were evacuated not once but twice from their homes!  So very thankful to the amazing firefighters and other professionals who are handling this. They are doing an amazing job. 

 I was able to see three fires in three different cities from outside my apartment.
Cocos fire

And now for an outfit! haha No real way to segway into that. I recently picked up these boyfriend shorts from Old Navy and they are so comfy! Be warned though, they do stretch out a lot as you wear them. I've been living in shorts lately.  Most of my dresses aren't casual enough and a lot of my skirts feel too short... so shorts it is!

Old Navy shorts, Target bag


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