Friday, June 20, 2014

Outfit: West Coast Road Trip

I'm back! Back from vacation and hopefully back to blogging regularly.

We had such a great time! We drove from Southern California (with our dog) to Portland OR where we spent a few days with our brother in law, to Port Orchard WA where we stayed with my husband's parents for a week and then to Ladysmith BC Canada to spend almost a week at my parents' place! It was a lot of traveling but I'm glad we were able to fit so much in.

I definitely want to share some travel related posts including one on eating vegan but first here's a glimpse at what I wore!

Crochet shorts Target, striped flats/tank/denim jacket Old Navy

Sweatshirt Old Navy, sneakers Dorothy Perkins, jeans American Eagle Outfitters

Denim jacket Old Navy (I wore it a ton haha), top H&M

Jeans American Eagle Outfitters, jacket Target, scarf/sweatshirt Old Navy, sneakers Dorothy Perkins

Denim Jacket/scarf Old Navy, shorts Target

Skirt/denim jacket Old Navy

Cardigan Old Navy, jeans American Eagle Outfitters/DIY, shoes New Balance

Jacket Target, skirt Walmart, shoes Dorothy Perkins, scarf Burlington Coat Factory, tshirt J Crew Factory

Denim jacket/shorts/sweatshirt Old Navy, sneakers Dorothy Perkins

Denim jacket Old Navy, skirt J Crew Factory, shoes Target

Top Old Navy, jeans American Eagle Outfitters, sandals Target

Cardigan/shorts Old Navy, tank top Target

Tshirt J Crew Factory, denim jacket Old Navy, shoes/purse Target, jeans American Eagle Outfitters/DIY

Here's a look at what I packed. I swear my planning out outfits! I knew as I was going it that I was over packing but since we were driving and I had a lot of space, I decided it was fine. Not everything got worn multiple times but it gave me a very clear idea of how I could have packed if I'd needed to minimize space! 

Purchases I made the day before I left haha


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