Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review: Petite Vour July 2014

I've reviewed Petit Vour before and I am back with another! I took some time off from subscribing (and have done so again) simply because I don't want to have more products that I can really use but guyssss Petit Vour is the best! They do such an amazing job of finding quality products that are cruelty free, vegan and not full of nasty carcinogens.  Read on to see what goodies July held!

 As you can see, the full size LVX nail polish more than paid for the $15 price of Petit Vour! 

First up, Schmidt's! I had mixed feelings about receiving this. Happy because it's AWESOME; best  natural deodorant I've used but sad because I know from the one I already own that it contains baking soda which gives me a rash in my pits. I can still use it, just not every day.  As long as you do okay with baking soda, I highly recommend this. Full sized ones (this is a mini) come with a little spatula thing which helps get the product out. It warms up to your touch so you mush it on your fingers and then apply it.  During the Winter it took a bit more work but now in Summer it's basically soft right away.  The Ylang Ylang + Calendula smells sooo good! It's not overpowering and I think ylang ylang is a pretty sexy scent. The other one I have, Bergamot + Lime is also delicious smelling but is much stronger. They hold up great through my workouts and last all day!

Next we have Modern Minerals in the shade . This is a super pigmented eyeshadow and I had no problems with application. Sometimes loose eye shadows can be a bit messy to apply but not this one! Definitely a brand I'd want to buy more from. Check out the swatch before! No primer and it's still very vibrant. 

I've been following Pelle Beauty on Instagram for a little while now so I was so excited to receive a product! This is my first of this brand and I'm hooked. I wasn't sure I totally loved the smell at first but it really grew on me. I love face oils but tend to save them for the evening since they can make my skin a bit greasy (I have oily skin, if you're wondering). But this one I can apply in the morning and even put my makeup right on top of it and my skin absorbs it beautifully! I even saw a tip on the Pelle Beauty Instagram where you can mix this with a mineral foundation to create a liquid foundation...and it works!! This is one I will probably purchase a full size of.

I may not collect nail polish anymore but my digits are still always painted so new nail polish is always fun. It's nice to receive a higher end one like LVX because I myself don't really like to spend more than $10 on a bottle. I will say, I was a bit disappointed. Pale pink nail polish is notoriously tricky though. They tend to apply patchy and this was no exception. It was definitely still wearable and looked really good, just not the BEST formula I've seen. As far as wear time, it was good but not amazing. It started chipping on day two but just small bits. I kept it on for 5 or 6 days until I felt like it should be changed. It reminded me of Zoya polishes except it's about double the price. I won't hold it against LVX though because I don't doubt their other shades could be amazing.  


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