Saturday, October 18, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe

Some of you may be familiar with the blog Unfancy and the idea of capsule wardrobes. If not, now you are and you're welcome! Seems she has really inspired a lot of people as may bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon for Fall.  Well, after thinking about it for a couple months, I've decided to join in as well. I've done 30x30 challenges before (where you choose 30 items you can wear in a month) and really enjoyed that but I like that this is a little more of a long term plan.

Basically, the idea of a capsule wardrobe is that everything in your closet can be mixed and matched, especially during one particular season. I like the idea of doing one per season but the weather in Southern California is a little different so my capsule time line will be as well. I figure I'll blend Fall and Winter together since it doesn't get THAT cold here and it's only starting to cool down now. Anyway, you can choose any number of items but generally you try to stick to that number. I'll probably go with about 40 but not include heavy coats/accessories or shoes. I mean, you make the rules! Do what feels right to you. A lot of people also choose to shop for their capsule ahead of time and then not during (if that makes sense) but I will be shopping during just with a strict budget and everything must fit into my current capsule wardrobe!

I have a pretty good idea of what my capsule will look like but this week I'll go through my wardrobe and really narrow it down. I already have a lot of clothes and shoes to sell but I'm sure I will add more! I may leave a few "maybe" items out but out of season items will go in storage (aka under my bed/in a box).

I created this collage to really narrow down my look for Fall/Winter. It was pretty easy because I find my style very clear during that time of the year (I struggle more in the Summer. I'm not a SoCal native!). Still, it's helpful. I got all the pictures from my Pinterest boards. I have one titled "Outfits to Recreate" where I repin outfits featuring items similar to ones I own and it's SUPER helpful when recreating looks.

My reason for wanting to do this is really just to simplify my wardrobe and the process of getting dressed. I obviously love fashion and shopping but I've noticed lately that I really do own some things that hardly get worn and sometimes I buy something that I love the idea of but in reality it doesn't really work for me. My hope is to shrink my wardrobe somewhat and be a more focused shopper. 

In a future post I will more clearly lay out my own "guidelines" and share the items I've chosen to include in my Fall/Winter capsule!  I just figured I'd share the concept with you all now. Anyone else participating? 


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