Friday, December 12, 2014

Packing (10 days in a carry-on)

I am by no means some packing expert (I really don't travel enough for that haha) but I have gotten better at not over packing. My husband and I usually drive when we travel so that does give me more room to pack but this time we're flying! We'll each have a carry on and then we are checking a larger bag but it's full of Christmas presents.

So here's a look at how I tackle packing for a trip, trying to keep it minimal but not boring.

First, start visualizing the kind of outfits you want to wear on your trip.  I used to imagine I'd wear these awesome things that I wouldn't normally wear but over time realized that really, I want to wear the same things I'd normally reach for haha I recommend packing items you know you love to wear. You definitely want to be able to mix and match too so try to have a loose colour scheme in mind. Pinterest is a great way to get inspired. Here's a collage of what I was visualizing when I packed for this trip...

Big cardigans, boots, leggings, tunics, prints that I can mix and match, big scarves etc

Next, start picking your items. I usually end up changing some things but hey, you have to start somewhere. Here's what I initially picked:

Now start making outfits! I know, it seems excessive but this is the step that really helps me to have a functional travel wardrobe. I always end up getting rid of a few items and adding a different one in. If you notice you aren't including a certain item much, ask yourself if you really need it.

Pack that stuff up and you're good to go! I like to roll my clothes, I feel like they take up less room that way. 

When I return from vacation, I'll post what I actually ended up packing. You'll be able to see the small changes I made after following the above steps!


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