Saturday, November 7, 2015

Beckett: 6 Months

As you can see, little dude loves to be entertained! He's sitting up on his own now and has started eating some food.  Mostly purrees. I love the concept behind BLW but it does scare me a little bit, I'll admit. I just worry that he will choke (even though I do steam the veggies so that they are soft). 

My baby just seems much older all of a sudden! He's so curious.

He loves new places and being around people or outside.  He does not love his crib and sleep training sucks haha He's a pretty chill baby, kinda goes with the flow.  He was taking these really long afternoon naps but now 30min naps are more of his thing.  I finally got him into a better early bed time routine (7:30pm) and am working on not nursing him to sleep (another tough task!). 

My husband is working 70+ hours a week right now so Beckett doesn't see him every day so when he does, he's SO excited... like he can't even sleep haha It's cute.

I could go on and on, of course.  I love him to pieces and am so proud to be his mama! 


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