Sunday, January 31, 2010


I felt really good in todays outfit. Sometimes I wish I felt this confident every day! I guess it would lose its appeal after a while though...  haha.

I bought this skirt at Forever 21 in Seattle. It was the nicest Forever 21 I'd ever been it! Very big and there were designated areas like "Paris" and "Vegas" where the clothes fit that theme.  It also had the most shoes I've ever seen in a Forever 21.  Pretty awesome.  I got this skirt, some capri sweats, re-useable shopping bags and a bow headband.

When I got home and tried on this skirt again, I wasn't happy. I felt fat. No one wants to feel fat! So I hung it on my wall as motivation (I'm trying to lose 15lbs,  healthily) and figured I'd take it down once I'd lost some weight. Well, I've only lost a few pounds since then but I put it on today and felt a lot better.  It'll be even better once I get to my goal. :) And yes, I know confidence is mainly about attitude and I don't expect to magically have way more when I finish losing weight.  I lost 30lbs a few years ago and have kept it off, so I know how it goes.

(cardigan Old Navy, skirt Forever 21, tights/top Target, shoes Aldo)

Grammy's tonight!  I hope the performances are good.  I assume Lady Gaga is performing and she always blows me away!


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