Monday, February 1, 2010


I taught myself how to write a cheque today. haha A little belated, I know, but I rarely ever need to write them!

So, I've discovered some amazing fashion blogs lately that I just looove so I thought I'd share. I find most blogs through others'!   Funny girl with great style, stories and... The Man Makeover! I follow her husband's Tumblr too, haha. (That wasn't supposed to sound stalkerish) Adorable married couple with a even more adorable dog! I really want an American Bulldog but if it happens, it won't be until... well, it'll be a while. Anyway, her posts are just so much fun to read and her style is very inspiring. I have to admit this my favourite blog right now. Her outfits are just sooo lust-worthy! Plus her writing is fun and enjoyable.  Yeah, she's married.  She definitely proves that you can be fashionable in snow, haha. Again, I love her outfits and writing. - Her style reminds me of Cupcakes and Cashmere; very grown up, chic and feminin. She epitomizes the modern woman, to me. Love it.  I love how much her style varies and how unique her overall look is. Oh and she's married too... that seems to be a theme here! Unique way of showing off her outfits... and oh man, are they great outfits! I'd love to raid her closet. :) I love when people have such a complete look from the clothes to the hair to the makeup to the attitude and this girl definitely has that.  So inspiring!


  1. I've been visiting rockstar diaries for a very long time...great discovery on your part! :-)

    Heather McCullah

  2. I really like these girls too. Although, Delightfully-Tacky is actually American, she lives in Alaska. :)


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