Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm just 12lbs away for my goal weight. Down a pound this week (get to read my In Style magazine as a reward, hehe) and aiming for 1.5lbs this week.  Weightloss is a significant part of my life, so I'd hate to not mention it at all here.

(top Target, dress Rave, boots gift, nail polish ELF, jacket Walmart, headband DIY)

I finally remembered to use my mini tripod to take pictures. It does make things a bit easier!  It doesn't change the fact that my dog likes to get in the way and prevent you all from seeing my shoes but hey.

Speaking of shoes...

I fought off other online shoppers the other day at the crazy Jeffrey Campbell sale over at Guilt Fuse.... and bought my first pair of JC shoes!! I'm a huge fan of his work so I'm really excited.  They're technically my first pair of real designer shoes.  More on that when they arrive. hehe


  1. ur blog is cool
    and ur vintage boots beautiful

    hope u will love my blog


  2. Great top - I have a similar one in yellow :) kudos on your weight loss you've got so much self-disicpline!


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