Friday, September 10, 2010


San Diego County weather is teasing us with some pre-Fall temperatures.  It's only temporary though.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be a sunny 77 degrees which feels a million times different than the cloudy 68 degrees it was when I wore this.  Oh well, cold weather will be here soon enough. I'm trying not to rush the end of summer because I'll be missing it soon enough!

Life is really good lately. The future is so unknown (like 6 months from now, I mean) but day to day, I'm loving every minute especially with such a great husband by my side.  Tomorrow we're going to watch a MMA match and drink beer at a nearby bar.  That's our kind of date.

(dress Superstore, shoes Ross, tights Urban Outfitters, belt Charlotte Russe)

New shoes and my first time wearing those tights. Very happy with both although I wish the tights had that "control band" because that is so much more comfortable.

Yes, I have big feet. Size 10 but I'm also tall at 5'10".


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