Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Wore this for a Margarita Monday last night with new friends. Meeting new people is one of my favourite things to do. I know most people find it awkward and stuff but I don't know, I like it.  Where I struggle is going from casual friend who I hang out with in groups to close friend that I hang out with one on one.  I must have some sort of wall between the two. Not to say I don't have best friends but I don't make them easily.

I love olive/army green right now. This is the only thing I currently have in that colour. I don't wear it often because it has no stretch so it's less comfortable. Plus it's a bit short on me... but I do like the overall style of it.

(jacket + jeans Walmart, top Target, boots gojane.com)

What are you being for Halloween?


  1. I love fall fashion more than any other...dark greens, dark blues, blacks and greys and the occasional red! The best.

    Also your boots are totally fabulous.


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