Monday, October 4, 2010


The weather is all over the place here. It hit record highs over 11 last Monday then Tuesday we had thunder and lightning. Now it's down to 64, wet and cloudy. I'm liking it though because it now feels like Fall!  I decorated a bit for Halloween today. :)

I joined 24 Hour Fitness yesterday. I was a member of a boxing club for the past 7 months but stopped because it was pricey and I had to walk an hour there and back.  24 Hour is closer and half the price plus I'm working out with a friend.  I loved boxing and miss it but this is an interesting change of which I'm enjoying.  I'm doing a lot of cardio, weights and abs.

Well, time to play some Lego Indiana Jones!

(dress DIY, tank Old Navy, shoes Target, hat Closet)


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