Saturday, November 6, 2010


Day 1!

I was very lazy with this outfit because seriously all I've been doing today is cleaning (and baking). My sister arrives tonight and will be here visiting for a week! I might get her to take a few of my pictures... I usually do it myself but it's be nice to mix it up. But yeah, this outfit was all about comfort, I won't lie.

(boots + shirt Target, skirt Old Navy, scarf Wet Seal, tights unknown)

So these photos aren't great but hey. These tights, skirt and scarf hadn't been worn in a while so it was nice to give them some wear. I've had the skirt for a few years now. It was $3 on sale at Old Navy!  I love finds like that. The boots have a mysterious stain on them (as in it randomly appeared before I'd ever even worn them!) so I just wear them when walking my dog, that's about it.

And yes, that is a bagged pumpkin that I'm about to throw away. :P And my husbands dirty combat boots... too dirty to put inside!


  1. I like the way you styled the scarf and your tights.I still have trouble wearing colored tights!


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