Thursday, November 25, 2010


Day 11

I'm honestly thankful for everything in my life.  There are few changes I'd like to see but they don't make me any less thankful.  :)  I hope I feel this blessed every year!

Okay, so I'm writing this on Wednesday a day early... busy day tomorrow!

So this is not what I'm wearing for Thanksgiving but I did wear it to eat a Thanksgiving meal so close enough. I wore it to my husbands work, on the Marine Corps base.  They had a work lunch where everyone bough Thanksgiving food. Yum!

For actual Thanksgiving, my husband and I are going to spend it with another couple that we're getting to know. :)  She was very sweet to open her home to us! I'm bringing a homemade pumpkin pie (well, from a can. I didn't make it from a pumpkin!), cream cheese dips that I made plus crackers and maple cookies!  I'll share pictures tomorrow...aka Friday. heheh.

(cardigan Old Navy, skirt Urban Outifitters, boots Aldo, top Charlotte Russe)

After wearing this boots AGAIN, I told my husband I need some black flats.  It made sense to me.

I roughly followed this guide to do my hair. I have very thick hair though... I slept on it and then the next day it actually looked better, haha. I think that's what I'm going to do today (Wednesday night).


  1. Your hair looks amazing!

    I'm sure your husband was pretty darn proud to have you there.

  2. thanks for the comment, girl! i love your polka-dot skirt! xx

  3. lovely pics - happy thanks giving xxxxx

  4. Major hair envy!! I once had hair your length...and now I miss it soooo much!!
    I love this outfit too...your legs look miles long!


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