Monday, November 8, 2010


Day 2

Two quick pictures my sister snapped on her iPhone. :) I later swapped the purple socks for sheer black ones but no pictures of that, sorry!

My face looks weird because I was blinded by the sun, hahah.

(blazer Burlington Coat Factory, socks, boots, sweater Superstore)

5 hour road trip tomorrow!  November 10th is the United States Marine Corps birthday which is always celebrated with a very formal ball!  It'll only be my second time wearing a floor length gown...the first being my wedding. haha I'm very excited.  We're driving to Primm, Nevada with my sister and her boyfriend (also a Marine) for it and then spending two nights.  Yay!

My dog was definitely staring at that other dog.


  1. I love the dress and your hair looks so hippie chic.


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