Sunday, November 14, 2010


Wednesday was the United State Marine Corp's 235th birthday and our ball was Tuesday night in Primm, Nevada. It was my first Ball despite my husband being in for almost 3 years, hehe. It was fun to get so dressed up!! It's a very formal event.  The Marines are in uniform and women are supposed to wear full length gowns.

I actually got my dress and clutch for free!  The base here does a huge ball gown giveaway every year so some friends and I camped out (literally...10pm-5am) for our spot in line. haha I did it last year as well. It's fun.  You get to pick two dresses and one accessory... everything is donated. I was going to buy shoes but ended up just wearing some I already had.

 Premier Designs jewelry

My sister came with us; she's dating a Marine/friend of my husbands and it was his Ball as well.


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